The Yoro Trilogy (2009) is situated in a small Honduran town dominated by drug-related gang-violence. A subject chosen because of its suitability to the common stereotyping of Central America in Western visual culture. The trilogy consists of three books: one containing photographs made by Burger himself indexing mundane everyday objects in an amateuristic aesthetic; the second book features photographs made by a child of her everyday surroundings with a disposable camera and the third book is filled with collected footage from newspapers, photo studios and barber shops. By combining multiple approaches towards a specific subject, Burger attempts to give a nuanced view on the different possibilities of its representation through emphasizing the superficial nature of photographs and the impossibility to convey any real knowledge through a single image. The collection of various visual material, stemming from an array of sources and made with different intentions, emphasizes the altering interpretations and impressions recognized by the Western gaze. (27)-9.jpg (26)-9.jpg (25)-9.jpg (14)-9.jpg (2)-9.jpg (1)-9.jpg (15)-9.jpg (21)-9.jpg (22)-9.jpg (20)-9.jpg (5)-9.jpg (11)-9.jpg (10)-9.jpg (4)-9.jpg (6)-9.jpg (7)-9.jpg (16)-9.jpg (17)-9.jpg (13)-9.jpg (12)-9.jpg (8)-9.jpg (9)-9.jpg (3)-9.jpg (19)-9.jpg