Photographic Templates is a loose attempt to archive and visualize the principle of a photographic language consisting of recurring templates. The general idea would be that these templates are capable of putting short sentences (slogans) into heads.

Situational templates

1. Black child looks into the camera (possibly with flies on it's face, foggy eyes or in a dirty environment)
2. Woman (preferably in a cloth of some sort, preferably light blue (lapis), preferably in a crappy environment) with a child on her arm.
3. Something war-like (soldier,gun,tank,rubble, damaged buildings, etc) in combination with something love-like ( a flower, a child, kissing people, etc.)
4. Something war-, or disaster- like in combination with something decadent. (tourism for example).
5. Man throws a stone/ a Molotov cocktail in the middle of a street. Preferably with a bit of smoke or rubble in the background.
6. A stationary figure in an environment were everything else is moving (for example a crowded train platform). The photograph is taken from above. There is a bit of idle space around the person. (maybe in combination with a shutter-speed trick or two, doesn't have to).
7. Black person drinks clean water (preferably from a garden hose in a dirty third world-like environment) and looks up into the camera (this template is similar to a much used pornographic template were a woman looks up into the camera with a penis in her mouth).
8. Soldier (western) gives a bottle of water/candy/a toy/etc to a child (non-western).
9. A half naked, or naked person (preferably black, dirty and malnourished) is being pulled out of a pit by two members of some sort of emergency response team (one for each arm).
10. People who are struggling to get out of a body of water (preferably a whole family).
11. Someone who is being arrested and looks innocently into the camera. (preferably with a bloody nose or a couple of scratches on the face)
12. A soldier who appears to be in some kind of mental pain. (he could be crying, or looking in the distance, or have a desperate looking body language.
13. Someone climbing a fence or wall.
14. People who are tied down with blindfolds or bags over their heads.
15. Huddled people on the ground, chopper in the air.
16. A bunch of crying/ screaming people around a bed with a dead body in it. (think Caravaggio for light).
17. A person or animal who jumps across a space (between two buildings or rocks for example).
18. A procession in a small street carrying dead bodies or religious objects.
19. A large amount op people crammed together in a small space.
20. People who are running away.
21. People who carry a lot of stuff on their backs.
22. A person who is looking through a window with a vague expression on his/hers face.
23. Silhouettes/shadows of anyone doing anything.
24. A blurred face (behind a steamy window/under water/etc).
25. Something 'modern' in combination with something 'non-modern'.
26. A child on a swing (seen from the side).
27. A grown woman in a white dress with white wings attached to her back (preferably in a corn/grain field)
28. Flags being burned or raised.
29. A burning building/vehicle.
30. A burning person (may be running).
31. Something 'natural' in combination with something unnatural/industrial.
32. A child in what appears t be an unjust situation.
33. A person who is sitting in a crouched position in the corner of a room/on the ground.
34. Someone who is staring in the distance.
35. Someone in/under water (the water should be blue).
36. Dancing.
37. Clouds of dust/smoke, objects flying though the air.
38. Crowds/queues.
39. An athlete in some sort of straining situation.
40. People covered with (emergency)blankest.
41. Someone who looks at the camera in what appears to be an unjust situation.
42. People carrying other people.
43. Someone who is being pestered by a cloud of flying insects.
44. The disposal of bodies after some sort of disaster.
45. A spiral staircase seen from below (stairway to heaven).
46. Panic.
47. Someone who points a firearm at someone else.
48. People who kiss/hug/embrace.
49. An execution.
50. Someone who is sitting on a horse.
51. A fistfight/collision at the exact moment that one thing hits the other.
52. People in a swimming pool.
53. Statues/monuments being vandalized.
54. A situation that is about to go wrong.
55. A passer-by who looks at something without stopping.
56. Some sort of dangerous animal attacking a person.
57. The effects of a natural disaster seen from above.
58. Protesters.
59. A lonely figure in a landscape.
60. Spoils of war (weapons/art/jewelry preferably on a pile).
61. Any situation in a grain field.
62. A child carrying a weapon.
63. A gathering in a beauty parlor/barbershop/etc.
64. A baby/child that's being washed.
65. Someone who oversees a landscape (seen from behind).
66. An animal or person attached to a chain.
67. Children playing football (preferably in a crappy/non-western environment).
68. A person with a taped mouth. (On the tape can be an image or symbol that refers to an alleged silencer).
69. A group of people who are carrying a coffin. From protesters and slogans around or on the coffin one can assume that the situation is about a symbolic death of some sort.

Thematic templates

1. A person with red hair.
2. A dwarf.
3. Twins.
4. A mentally disabled person (happy)
5. A mental patient.
6. A pretty lady.
7. An old person.
8. A homeless person.
9. Something decayed.
10. Something industrial.
11. Something with gratify.
12. Nakedness.
13. A person in some sort of traditional outfit.
14. Anything involving barbed wire.
15. Anything involving bars.
16. A skinny person.
17. A black person.
18. A brown person.
19. Dead body's
20. Mutilation.
21. Anything involving automatic rifles.
22. A running horse, dog or donkey.
23. Oranges against a blue sky. (it's better if they fly).
24. Prostitutes.
25. Transgenders.
26. Homosexuals.
27. Fat people.
28. Anything involving one or more umbrellas.
29. Hands (wrinkly, small,stained, colored, etc.)
30. Skin (wrinkly, small, stained, colored, etc.)
31. A religious person.
32. Someone who is in a sect.
33. A picture of a picture.
34. A nice tree.
35. A bridge.
36. A mirror.
37. A spiderweb (preferably with dew drops).
38. A nice sky.
39. An empty park bench.
40. Signs and text.
41. Eyes.
42. Covered eyes.
43. Blood.
44. A peeled of wall.
45. Train tracks.
46. Reproductive organs.
47. A funeral.
48. Emotional facial expressions.
49. An interesting/exotic/beautiful animal.
50. Gestures.
51. Endangered animals.
52. Powerful people.
53. Reflections.
54. Some sort of interesting cultural practice/ritual.
55. Protesters.
56. Synchronized movement.
57. Dirty people.
58. Junkies.
59. People with muscular/tanned bodies.
60. Anything involving a wedding dress.
61. Dressed up people.
62. Long hair.
63. Uniforms.
64. People (one or more) on a bed.
65. People in swimwear.
66. Masks.
67. Dead animals (Preferably as a result of some sort of environmental disaster).
68. An explosion.
69. Bald women.
70. Cancer patients.
71. Albinos.
72. Pop stars.
73. People who are jumping or falling.